RTO Training and Consulting Group is an initiative by Career Calling International.  Career Calling International is more than a training organization; we aim to become a trustworthy partner for you and your company in availing you meet the challenges of managing across cultures.  We help building skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements, developing best organization-wide global mindset, improving virtual team performance, preparing international assignees, or equipping employees to work effectively in a specific target market.

At RTO Training and Consulting Group, We do our utmost to provide you and your company with an intimate professional network to link leaders and great conceptions. Our work includes information-packed seminars, specially-designed programs, comprehensive research material, and convivial networking events to avail you in your own professional endeavours in today’s expeditious-paced global economy.  An integral part of our services is to work closely with our awesome clients so that they can make the right decisions.