ASQA has begun a four-year program of collaboration with the industry to co-design a model for self-assurance.

For the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), ORIMA Research will conduct a comprehensive consultation process with vocational education and training providers in early 2022 on behalf of ASQA. The information gathered will be used to help establish a self-assurance model for the industry.

Providers were urged to register their interest in participating in this consultation by filling out an online form.

This consultation process is an important first step in the codesign of a self-assurance model for the industry, and it should not be overlooked. As a result, providers will have an unprecedented opportunity to contribute to the development of the self-assurance model in the future, ensuring that it is informed by the real-world experiences and insights of those who provide self-assurance services to users. ASQA is seeking input from a diverse range of service providers since it is critical that the needs and conditions of the whole sector are taken into consideration during the design of the new model.

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