ASQA publishes scoping study on VET in schools

The scoping study on vocational education and training delivered to secondary school students was issued by the national regulating agency in order to protect the quality of VET delivery.

It is ASQA’s role as national regulator for VET to work in partnership with training providers to guarantee compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

In response to the findings of the study, ASQA has stated that they have committed to the following activities to assist the continuous improvement of vocational education and training (VET) in the schools:

  1. provide clearer guidance to assist compliance
  2. work with other VET regulators to identify risks
  3. engage more directly with education departments and schools
  4. engage with states and territories on shared risk, promotion of continuous improvement
  5. apply clause 1.6 of the Standards for RTOs (The RTO implements a range of strategies for industry engagement and systematically uses the outcome of that industry engagement to ensure the industry relevance of:
    • its training and assessment strategies, practices and resources; and
    • the current industry skills of its trainers and assessors.)

It is also recommended that the Australian, state, and territory governments evaluate how the observations made in this scoping study might assist in enhancing the effectiveness and continuous improvement of VETDSSS when drafting the new National Skills Agreement.

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