CAQA Resources – Converting files to interactive SCORM compliant documents

At CAQA Resources, we are currently converting all our learning and assessment resources to SCORM Compliant files. We will be using the new format to provide a seamless experience for our RTO providers and partners who use online learning platforms like Moodle and Canvas.

The use of technology in education is becoming the norm for delivery of theory and content as training organisations move towards an online learning environment where students have access to computers 24/7. Most students have access to smart devices that can help them learn at their own pace and in their own time.

This ensures our digital assets can be used across different platforms and devices. We are now able to provide content in an accessible format for learners.

Delivery methods

We have been using a variety of methods to deliver online learning and assessment material. The most popular method is through our website which allows users to access content through a browser or download content in PDF/Word/SCORM format or we send resources through emails after a purchase is made. We have also started to use digital media like video and audio clips which can be played on devices like tablets and smartphones.

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