First aid training under review after the death of a footballer from heat stress

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) urged registered training organisations (RTOs) that give first aid training to revise their practices in the wake of the decision of the West Australian coroner on the death of a young soccer player.

The coroner found that the 15-year-old died after heat stroke during a rugby-league session. He received first aid and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where he died of multi-organ failure.

The coroner discovered that the boy might have survived if the first aid workers had been trained in heat stroke in line with recent developments. He also recommended that heat-related agencies that train first aid workers consider changing the content of the training.

ASQA states that RTOs should immediately review and ensure training is compatible with new heat stroke advice for sports trainers and coaches.

ASQA has also reminded trainers of the need to ensure that these learners have to demonstrate CPR on an adult resuscitation manikin on the floor and not at the table.

See  ASQA advice.

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