How to avoid becoming another ASQA statistic

There are currently 3837 RTOs in Australia, down from over 4,400 RTOs in October last year. If your ASQA audit is scheduled in the next 12 months we would strongly recommend that you conduct an internal audit to identify your compliance risks, The best way to prepare for an ASQA audit is to have an external compliance expert conduct your internal audit and have someone external provide an unbiased review of your practices and processes. Do not let your staff members talk you into a false sense of security. 

Without recent ASQA audit experience you will not have a full understanding of the details that your upcoming audit will include, and the evidence that you will need to provide. Many CEOs and General Managers do not have a full understanding of the level of compliance that is required with regards to training and assessment materials, student files, trainer matrixes, policies and procedures etc all which is getting picked to pieces. What used to be assessed as compliant two to three years ago does not have a chance of passing a current audit.

Call us now on 1800-266-160 to schedule an internal audit. We can guarantee that there will be things in your RTO that will need to change and be amended before your ASQA audit, so don’t waste any more time. Having your registration cancelled and taking matters to the AAT will cost a lot more than an internal audit.

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