How to create a compliant and effective self-study guide

A self-study guide is a tool that can be used to help a learner extend their learning. It can be effective when learners begin to prepare for a summative assessment.

The self-study guide can also be used by learners as a document for reflection of learning, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and to build on strengths to meet training package requirements.

A self-study guide gives learners greater autonomy in their learning process by moving away from the instructor-guided model. It also gives the learner the opportunity to explore things in their own time.

The benefits of a self-study guide are:

  • Supports the learning process
  • Allows learners to learn things in their own time
  • Develops research skills
  • Encourages self-motivated learning
  • Compliments the volume of learning hours

Please note: A self-study guide is not a learner guide. The self-study guide contains references and links that allow learners to study additional information related to the unit of competency or course and as additional support to the learner guide.

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