The ‘ABC’ of Academic Credit Transfer in India: India Gives Students Flexibility in Higher Education Through Academic Bank of Credits

  • An Academic Bank of Credits will be set up where students can deposit, transfer and redeem credits earned through a variety of courses, including MOOCs
  • Flexibility for students to experience diverse learning
  • Students to have multiple entry and exit points in higher education, resulting in certificate, diploma, degree etc
  • Synchronisation proposed for general and vocational / skill education

Continuing with the trend of fast-paced educational reforms, the University Grants Commission (“UGC”) recently notified the UGC Establishment and Operation of Academic Bank of Credits in Higher Education) Regulations, 2021 (“Regulations”)1. The Regulations inter alia provide for the establishment of an Academic Bank of Credits (“ABC”) which will facilitate the recognition and transfer of credits earned by students, amongst various Higher Education Institutions (“HEI”).

The aim of the Regulations is to enable students to “choose their own learning path to attain a Degree or Diploma or Post Graduate diploma or academic qualification, working on the principle of multiple entry-multiple exit (“MEE”) as well as any-time, any-where, and any-level learning”.

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