VET Qualifications Reform Survey – The world of VET is changing again including the units of competency

The world of vocational education and training is changing once more, and this includes the structure of units of competency. The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment is participating in consultations on the new structure, methods, and procedures connected to the vocational education and training sector over a period of 1.5 years as part of the skills reform initiative.

Australian governments (at both the national and state levels) place a high value on the VET system, and as a result, they have agreed to move forth with improvements. The qualifications structure and framework, increasing the importance of industry and employers, as well as improving the overall quality standards and practices in the VET sector, are the focus of the major reforms. More information can be found at, which is a government website. You can get involved and provide your valuable feedback at

The consultation draft of the VET Workforce Quality Strategy (the draft Strategy) is now available for feedback via an online submission process.

Submissions will be open until 5.00 pm AEST Monday 27 September 2021.

The current state of the qualifications structure, as well as the planned future state of the qualifications structure, are provided below for reference purposes:

You can read more information related to the proposed changes at

The department is also holding two webinars to discuss qualification design concepts and provide an opportunity to ask questions about the reform and the new approach to qualification design.

The webinar dates and registration details are at:

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